Autum 1 2009

As some of you will know we have a class bear. Barnaby likes going on trips to children’s houses, joining in their after school activities and going on holiday.  By doing this, we can compare places to see their similarities and differences.  There are several class folders about Barnaby and his continuing adventures.  During this ½ term we will be using Barnaby and music as the focus for our work.  We will learn some super songs about Barnaby travelling around the world and I will be asking the children to try to find out as much as they can about the countries Barnaby visits.  If you would like to take Barnaby somewhere at any time during the year please come and sign his diary (in the homework box in our snug).  All you need to do is send a postcard or take a photograph of Barnaby on his ‘trip’.  We can then look at a map to see where Barnaby went and look at the photograph/postcard - all this helps to increase the children’s geographical awareness. 


During our science work, we will be looking at materials in the world around us.  We will look at a variety of objects and think about what they are made from.  As we look at different materials the children will discover which occur naturally and which are man-made.  We will learn about where different materials come from and how they are used to make different objects.  We will also be learning about why certain materials are chosen in preference to others.  Then we will investigate how materials can be changed and whether these changes are permanent or reversible.   In art, we will think about colours and learn about colour mixing.