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Welcome to Hensting Class

Mrs. White

Mrs. White

Hello and welcome to Hensting class! 

Controls for Hedgehog vs Penguin Race

Hedgehog: Arrow Keys

Penguin: WASD

10th July 2020

Hello Hensting Class Children and Parents,

This will be my final week of posting home learning for you. I hope you have enjoyed the topics that have been available for you to try at home.

This week, I have created a new English activity based on the William Shakespeare play – Macbeth. 

I would still really like you to have a go at creating your own fanzine and sending it to me so that I can make it into a book for you. When I see you on our transition morning, I can give them to you.

There is still the work on Stormbreaker if you haven’t tried this yet too!

Nobody has mentioned trying the stocks and shares activity so I am leaving that for you to do this week. If you need any further Maths please do let me know.

There will be two Zoom meetings this week: one which will be our usual catch up and a special one to say goodbye to year 6! If you want to make banners at home to hold up to the camera that would be brilliant!

As always, do email if you need anything. 

Mrs White


Updated work for the week beginning 10th July.


First of all, here is a money based challenge. You need to plan a dinner for a family of four but for just £5!

Next, we have been buying stocks and shares this week and finding out what happens. There are 3 days worth of activities to complete. It is much more fun if you complete 1 a day.

I am leaving the measurement’s investigation here for one more week – just incase you haven’t tried it yet.

If you would like work from the Hamilton Trust / White Rose websites, do contact me and I will email some activities to you.

You can continue to look at the Classroom Secrets home learning resources, as their maths resources are great. Also, they have a youtube channel with some super video lessons. 

Remember to log on to TT Rockstars and continue to practice your times tables skills. 



So for this week, I have created a mini project based on Macbeth. Have a look at the suggestions on the powerpoint.

Here is this week’s Stormbreaker installment. It is based on gadgets!

Well done for those of you who have enjoyed this activity on evil villains from Stormbreaker. If you haven’t tried it yet, I am leaving the link for one more week. 

I am also leaving on the link to pobble which Mr Harvey set up last week. Everyday the website releases a new imaginative image and includes a story starter, quality questions, a sentence challenge and some ‘sick sentences’ to improve.  You can scroll back over years of images to find the ones that will engage your children – why not give them a choice of image from three?

As well as writing, the tasks require children to ‘read’ the picture – comprehend, explore, justify, make links, infer, predict etc, whilst no child is held back by the written word.

Don’t forget to use the spelling website to practice too. You will find the link in the continual links section below.


As promised, here are the details to create your own fanzine. I really do hope you try to create one of these. 

Fancy something different?

In class this week, we will be having a look at Black Lives Matter and having a discussion about this in relation to our RE topic about community. Below are the links for two of the resources that I will be using. I will also email parents a support guide via parent mail. Although these resources have been written specifically for children, please make sure that you access them and discuss the points with an adult.


(Left published from last week)

I have found a BBC computing resource called ‘MicroBit’ which is about creative programming. To get the equipment does come at a cost (around £20) so I understand it won’t be for everyone but it does look interesting. (homepage) (projects) (lessons) (buying option)

If you are stuck for ideas go to for a wide range.

Home Learning Resources

Continual Home Learning


Spelling website

School Library Service reading challenge

Harry Potter read by famous people including Daniel Radcliffe

Don’t forget to explore the Let’s Think English Blog (Read Collette and Polly’s amazing entries to the writing competition!)


A fantastic website that lets you explore maps around the world


Do continue to take a look at the BBC Bitesize website. You will find every subject covered with interesting videos and games.

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Contact Mrs White for additional resources

W/C: 26th June 2020 onwards

Contact Mrs White for additional resources




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