Friends of Owslebury School - Autumn 2017 Update

Friends of Owslebury School - Autumn 2017 Update

Dear Parents, Grandparents, Carers and Friends,

I’ve been slow off the mark this year getting my PTA wheels rolling, but welcome all you new parents, and hello old faces. Here we are again ready to get going on another year of raising money for our fabulous little school. Luckily Clare is so much more organised than me and has already started on her lolly or hot chocolate sales on Fridays (depending on what the weather is throwing at her) – so don’t forget your 50p on Friday afternoons. We also have a date for the Christmas Fair (sorry to mention it already) which is Saturday 2nd December. You heard it here first.

The time has come around again for the FRIENDS AGM where we need to vote for our committee members and year  representatives and hopefully set out a plan for our aims this academic year. It will be held on FRIDAY 13th OCTOBER at 3pm just at the end of celebration assembly and will finish in time for pick up.

We are desperate for new faces, (and for that matter, old faces) new ideas and new enthusiasm so please come along and support our fundraising efforts, especially if you’re brand new to the school, we will be so pleased to see you. We raise such a lot of money in spite of us being a teeny pool of parents and have contributed to our children’s experience at school in so many different ways. We would love new ideas of how to raise money and absolutely welcome suggestions about how it could be spent. Paula, our treasurer, will be giving full details of how the money was raised and spent last year.

Unless there is one of you with an absolute burning desire to be Chair (in which case I am MORE than happy to step down) I will limp on for another year but as this is definitely my last perhaps that someone with the burning ambition would like to work with me this year to learn on the job. Please come and find me or speak up at the meeting -and I hope we see lots of you there.

Tracy Archibald


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Friends of Owslebury School

Chairperson: Tracy Archibald (01962 777399)
Secretary: Jane Bibby (01962 777831)
Treasurer: Paula Sharpe (01962 777643)



Member of the National Federation of Parent Teacher Associations
Friends of Owslebury School Registered Charity No. 1082347

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