Introducing the new School Council

Introducing the new School Council


We are your new School Council. Thank you for voting for us. We are looking forward to listening to your ideas and making changes to our school.

Next week we have two fundraising events that we would like your help with. We would like you to donate a minimum of £1 on Friday which we will split between the two charities.

On Tuesday, we are celebrating “Hello Yellow Day”, which has been organised by the charity Young Minds.The money raised will help children with mental health issues. We have decided that it would be great to wear something yellow on this day. You still need to come to school in school uniform but could wear a yellow ribbon, have yellow shoe laces, wear a yellow badge or a yellow belt. We look forward to seeing how creative your yellow accessory could be. (Sorry, you can;t spray your hair yellow).

Friday is Children in Need day. On this day you can wear something spotty. You don’t need to come in school uniform. Also on this day, we will be asking you to help make Pudsey spotty. For a 25p donation, you can finger paint a spot onto Pudsey. You can paint more spots if you make more donations. Pudsey will be on display for everyone to see in the hall. We hope he will be very colourfull!

Thank you for all your help.

The School Council : Nancy, Chandler, Leila, Aaron, Jamie, Amy, Will, Charlie, Polly, Elliot, Isabella, Ingrid

2017 School Council

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