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Physical Education (P.E.)

PE at Owslebury 
Welcome to PE at Owslebury where our exciting curriculum ensures that all children are healthy and happy, physically and mentally, preparing them for a life-long journey to positive well-being.  

Why is PE important in the primary curriculum? 
P.E is and essential part of our school curriculum and enables children to move their bodies in ways that will support them in wider life.  In a growing competitive world we ensure that the children have the tools and skills necessary to enjoy life inside and outside of the classroom.    

Why Choose Our P.E Curriculum?
Our P.E curriculum follows Get Set for P.E and offers a Comprehensive, curriculum-aligned lesson content and progressive schemes of work written by teachers for teachers. All associated resources, materials to adapt teaching and support for subject leads, as well as a simplistic assessment tool to record and monitor progress. It helps to support all aspects of our learning values and is in alignment with our school philosophy.  The programme of study ensures that our children develop challenging skills to enable them to become resilient learners in addition to nurturing the talents and gifts that the children have prior to their entry into school.  

Sports Crew
The school has used pupil premium funding to develop the sports crew in the school.  The children that have been successful through the application process are responsible for ensuring that as many children as possible are active during their lunch and playtimes.  The children develop their leadership skills which will be essential to them in later life.  

Join us at Owslebury, where P.E is an essential tool for children’s journey into adulthood.