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Summer 1 In The Summertime

Week 4



A Squash and a Squeeze
After sharing the story we wrote letters to the lady from the animals saying sorry for the mess.

We have been comparing and matching 2D shapes as well as counting on from a number.

In art, we have tried to use our observation skills to continue animal patterns.

Last week, when we discovered a frog in the mud kitchen, we were excited to find out more. This week, we have learned more about a frog's life cycle, explored 'frog spawn' (really water beads) in the water tray and leap frog jumping around.

We have been making the most of the lovely weather outside and enjoying the lovely school grounds. The hot weather has meant plenty of water play- squirting letters from the wall, fine motor challenges in the water tray and mixing in the mud kitchen.

On Thursday, Mrs Chaplen took us to the school pond. We enjoyed using the nets and taking a closer look at the real life tadpoles who were beginning to turn into froglets. We loved sharing what we found and demonstrated excellent listening and turn taking skills.

Week 3

After sharing the story "Sharing a Shell" we spoke about acts of kindness and how we can help others.
We then took part in various activities shell related including, counting with shells, making shell patterns and writing a diary about a day at the beach. We then made this into a class book which we will keep in the book corner.

In maths we have been recognising amounts in different forms such as tens frames, fingers and Numicon. We have been playing spot the missing number from a sequence of numbers and then looking at taking away a number from an amount.

We started a session called 'Drawing Club' this week where the children listen to a story and have a go at drawing their versions of the characters and setting. This week the children drew about the story Alien's Love Underpants and we were really impressed with their imaginations.

Outside in our mud kitchen we were visited by two frogs and a mouse on Monday. We made a few trips to the pond to returned the frogs and then found some tadpoles so spoke about their life cycle.

We have also been busy outside using our balance bikes. This week we maneuvered in and out of cones.

Week 2




This week we shared the story The Lion Inside by Rachel Bright and Jim Field. We spoke about how we all have different feelings at different times and how we can be kind to others if they may be feeling small.


We created our own split pins lions, cut up spaghetti in the funky finger area from the lion's mane and learned about lions in the wild and their habitats.


In The Summertime


We started our topic with a safari themed hook afternoon. The children made their own binoculars, tasted fruits that grow in Africa and shared the story Handa's Surprise. 

We then went on our own safari trip outside searching for animals with our binoculars.