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Spring 1 Frozen Lands

Week 5 + 6

We continued our Frozen Lands topic learning about the amazing arctic creature, the polar bear. We shared facts, such as how they have black skin and translucent fur and found out how their bodies adapt to live in the cold.


We then followed the children's interests with a week all about robots in. The children brought in junk modelling and after making a design plan, we used the skills we have been learning in Expressive Arts and Design to join the boxes together. We compared which joining techniques were most successful and enjoyed sharing our models with the class.


Week 3 + 4

As part of our topic Frozen Lands we have been learning about the animals that live in Antarctica and the Arctic. 

We have been writing our own facts about a chosen animal and using them to inspire some printing during our art sessions. 


We have explored different ways to melt ice and carried out experiments to see which was the fastest.


As part of our topic celebration this week we enjoyed an Arctic afternoon and had hot chocolate, made a giant igloo and played arctic games. It even snowed! 


We then invited our familes in to see all the work we have been doing this half term. They also read stories to us about the Arctic and Antarctic. 

We had a wonderful visit from Little City for YR Marwell class

We enjoyed exploring the different role play opportunities and taking turns with the resources. It allowed us to be really creative and use our imaginations. 

Frozen Lands Week 1 and 2


We started our topic with a hook day all about frozen lands. We spoke about where the Arctic and Antarctic are and which animals you will find there. We took part in a circle time speaking about our favourite polar animals and then explored some craft activities.


We made our own snowflakes, painted with coloured ice cubes and then had to work as a team to make our own igloo for Pengi the Penguin! 


Also this week we enjoyed exploring the snow and ice and writing our names outside. 

We have been very fortunate with the cold weather too this past week as it supports our topic wonderfully!