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Spring 2 Kings and Queens

Week 5

Royal Celebrations

This week we have been learning about different celebrations the royal family have and how people celebrate. 
We looked at pictures and videos of the Queen's Platinum jubilee and spoke about the celebrations our King may have in the future.

We made posters for our Royal Celebration party and wrote the ingredients needed to make scones on the writing table. In maths we used our weighing skills to measure out the ingredients carefully and we have also been learning the names and properties of 3D shapes.

In phonics we have learnt the sounds 'ur' 'ow' 'oi' and tricky word 'you'.

We have also been practising using finger spaces between words along with capital letters and full stops. This week we also spoke about how capital letters should be taller than lower case letters when we were practising writing our names. 


On Tuesday we had a super day dressing up as royalty. We baked scones, sang songs and helped set up for our party. We also spent the whole day practising our royal wave and greeting everyone around school. 


At 2.30pm we invited all our parents and other family members. We enjoyed sharing our scones and showing everyone around the classroom as well as reading together.



Week 3 + 4


The Royal Family /   Castles and Palaces


This week we started with the story "The Kings Pants" by Nicholas Allan and then watched a video of King Charles's Coronation. We also talked about the members of our royal family and the jobs they have to do.

We used paper plates and scissor skills to create crowns and decorated them with jewels.

In maths have been exploring ways to make the number 9 and used part whole models to show this. We have also been exploring length and height before moving on to looking at events in time such as days of the week or times in the day.

In phonics we have learnt the sounds ee, igh, oa and oo (for moon) the short sound oo (for book) ar, or and the tricky words 'we' and 'are'.


For World Book day we had so much fun having visitors in and celebrating with our mothers or other family members. We wrote about our potato characters and enjoyed sharing many stories in class.


As part of Discovery time we have been writing invitations to our royal banquet, rolling dice and using water squirters to aim for the numbered cones, threading coloured disks to make necklaces, using the Duplo to make castles and practising our cutting skills to make our own paper castles. We have also been using junk modelling to make castles and palaces.




Week 2 Knights and Dragons


After a class carpet time sharing what we already knew about knights and dragons we came up with a few ways together of how we could develop our learning this week.

We shared the story The Dragon with the Blazing Bottom and discussed the rhyming words.

In music we explored the different instruments and named them. We also explored pulse and pitch and then we them played a game where we had to identify the instrument being played when we closed our eyes.


In phonics this week we have been learning the sounds 'th' 'ng' and 'ai'


In the outside area we enjoyed some of the sunshine and read books in pairs as well as making an obstacle course where we had to carefully transport a dragon egg without dropping it.

We have also been busy making dragon masks and shields and enjoying dressing up!


Week 1

The Princess and the Pea


To start off our week we took part in a topic hook morning playing king and queen games and sharing our story of the week The Princess and The Pea.

We played 'Greetings Your Majesty" and "The King and his Jem" both circle turn taking games.
In Discovery Time we have been picking up peas with tweezers and placing them in Numicon, making and decorating crowns and dressing up in royal clothing.

In maths we have been looking at repeated patterns using colour and size as well as sequencing simple events in time such s getting up, having breakfast and getting dressed.

We have also been learning more phase 3 digraphs this week and looked at 'qu' 'ch' and 'sh' sounds.