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Summer 1

Learning Forecast Summer 1 Marwell

Week 6

This week was all about different types of construction vehicles.


We talked about the different types of vehicles and then had a very special visit to start off our topic from Mr Emery with his JCB! The children were invited to climb in and see what was inside the cab. We also asked questions and listened to facts about his machine.


We enjoyed exploring different types of construction vehicles and jobs through sensory play. Some of us worked together to work our how much each dumper truck held by weighing with multilink cubes. We used vocabulary like more, less, heavy, light.


All our maths this week has been building up to writing simple addition number sentences. We also used our subitising skills to squirt the cones outside after recognising how many dots on a dice without counting them.

Week 5

All aboard the Owlsebury Bus!


We started off our week by creating our own large bus outside. The children used tickets and chatted about the places they were going to travel to.


We shared the story The Hundred Decker Bus and retold it in our own words.


In the writing area we wrote about where we would travel to on a magic bus.

We played Stuck in the Mud in PE and made a relay race game which was great fun!

Week 3 and 4

In preparation for our trip last Friday, last week we had been learning all about trains! So this week, we continued this theme inspired by our visit to the Watercress Line. We also threw in some Coronation learning linked to the events at the weekend. It has been packed full of fun, discovering and learning.

We have been making our own train tracks, printing train tracks in the creative area, and taking part in role play using our Owslebury Train Station outside. We acted just like the ticket master and conductor we met on our visit. The children even chose to clean the train and the station by asking for some soapy water.

Mrs Aylward brought in a model train and we had fun making a tunnel for it to travel under!

To acknowledge the coronation, we have shared some great stories including "The King's Pants". This helped us develop some fantastic vocabulary. We have used this to inspire our writing too. We made the most of the outdoors and used natural resources to create nature crowns which we used in our own Coronation ceremony. We also liked blowing the dandelions and making a wish.

In Maths, we have also been discussing, naming and comparing 2D shapes. Some of us were able to use these shapes to make a real train.

Watercress Line Trip- Friday 5th May 2023

I am sure you would have heard already, but our trip today was AMAZING!

We won't ruin the children's thunder when they share what has happened but here is a brief summary and the pictures will talk for themselves.
- We went from Ropley train station to Alton train station on a steam train decorated for the Coronation
- We exchanged old pennies for our tickets to make sure we could ride the train
- The ticket collector came to clip our tickets whilst we were riding
- We completed an alphabet challenge about all the things we could spot on our journey
- Lunch was (of course) the best part of the day! Partly because we got to play in the park for a bit
- We visited the station yard and saw giant piles of coal. Did you know it takes 400 shovel fulls to power a train for one return journey (That weighs as much as 400 pet cats!)
- We visited the education center where we built bridges, listened to a story, explored how trains work and dressed up in different roles you might find at the station.

Thank you so much for your support which allowed us to run this fabulous trip. The children were a joy to have out in public and their manners shone all day, even when we were a little tired.

Week 2

Boats Boats Boats!

To continue our transport topic this week we have been sharing our knowledge of all types of boats! We talked about the boats we have been on and made a class map of all the types of boats we could think of.
We have been using junk modelling to create our own exploring which materials are waterproof and will float. We even counted how many compare bears we could hold inside our boats.

Outside we used tin foil to create boats and used the water squirters to push the boats down the guttering slopes we made.
In phonics we are going back over the phase 3 sounds we have learned to ensure the children are confident with using them in their reading and writing.

In maths we have been exploring whole part models finding ways to make 10.

Week 1

What a lovely sunny first week back we have had!
We started our topic on Transport and this week we have been learning about aeroplanes.
Some children told us about the aeroplanes he had travelled on during the Easter holidays when we all shared our news to start us off. Then we shared the book Emma Jane's Aeroplane before the children got stuck into the different activities.

Inside we have been making paper aeroplanes to see how far they can travel. We have also been counting and sorting by colour using mini vehicles.

The children have been thinking about where they might like to fly to and writing about what they might do there and outside they have been creating their own large aeroplane working collaboratively.

Mr Flynn showed us his medal after he ran the Manchester marathon on Sunday and he let us all try it on.
We have also been playing some traditional playground games and enjoyed playing 'Duck Duck Goose'.

Later on in the week, we made the most of the sunshine and enjoyed writing and reading outside in our new book corner. There was some fantastic paired reading of some of our favourite books.

On Friday, we watched the Red Arrows display which inspired us to 'fly' like them using ribbons in the outdoor area. Some of us enjoyed using what we had seen to create our own pictures.